International Students

红色的银行 Catholic accepts selected students from diverse geographical and cultural backgrounds.  As they join the RBC community, they will be immersed in our curriculum, community and programs.  As full participants they will embrace our Mercy Charism and philosophy, while adding a global perspective to our student body.  In short, these students will become Caseys.  Our international Caseys will build bridges in a loving, caring, and challenging school environment.  Their journey will help them to self explore, but also learn how alike we all are.

At 红色的银行 Catholic, we are excited about partnering with AIEP for our international student program.  This partnership with a US-based leader in home stay opportunities for international students will begin effective the 2022-2023 school year.

For direct information on student specific requirements, please contact Principal District School Official Tara Fawcett at


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"Each of us can be a bridge between diverse cultures and religions, a way to discover our humanity" ~Pope Francis